Feedback from Partners

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The building we inaugurated provides access to reproductive health services, including HIV/AIDs for men, women and youth, in particular vulnerable individuals… This IBSA initiative is a testimony to the solidarity among countries of the world’s continents.

Dr. Sabine Ntakarutimana, Burundi’s Minister of Public Health and Fight Against AIDs, 2012

Cape Verde

We would like to thanks IBSA for this great investment in the water sector that will guarantee the sustainability in the distribution of water to the communities. This is a structural project supported by IBSA jointly with the government and the United Nations, and that will greatly contribute to resolve the water shortages in the Municipality of Ribeira Brava and also in the island of Sao Nicolau

Mr. Americo Nascimento, Mayor of Sao Nicolau, 2013


The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development truly appreciates IBSA projects. These initiatives model goes beyond the logic of supporting agricultural producers and seeks to embrace rural development as dynamic as a whole.

Mr. JoãoAníbal Pereira, Director of Planning, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, 2013

IBSA projects have brought numerous advantages to Guinea-Bissau. Just to name a few, after solar energy was introduced, villagers have been able to attend school at night, increase their access to water and use much less wood and gasoil – which is very important for the environment. I must also mention that working within a South-South Cooperation framework proved to be practical and result-oriented.

Julio Antonio Raul, Director General, Direction of Renewable Energy and Rural Electrification Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy, 2013


Urban aesthetics and cleanliness are a side effect of this project, its main objectives are employment generation, sanitation and good governance. Its impact is a lot greater than its official title.

Mr. Jean Yves Jason, Mayor of Port-au-Prince, 2007

Lao People’s Democratic Republic

The project financed by IBSA in Bolikhanxay will provide water during the dry season and it’s already gathering people to participate in the water users’ and watershed management groups. Besides providing a reliable irrigation system that enables a second crop throughout the year; IBSA is enhancing food security, forest and water sources conservation and diversification. Farmers are cooperating and working side-by-side with implementers; guaranteeing ownership and fairness after the project conclusion.

Dr. Souvanny Xaysana, Vice governor of Bolikhamxay province, 2013


The Palestinian leadership puts special focus on the youth sector, building its capacities and providing the necessary services for its growth and empowerment … I convey the President’s appreciation to the support provided by the three IBSA countries to the Palestinian people.

H.E. Hussein Al Araj, Palestinian Authority, Chief of Staff at the Office of the President, 2011

Sierra Leone

The project enabled significant learning, knowledge networking and experience sharing within the South-South framework, includingexchanges between Sierra Leone and Kenya on performance contracting; a study tour by the Cabinet Secretary to Ghana to share experiences on good practices to support the cabinet business processes, and a major input by the Nigeria Foreign Service Academy to Sierra Leone’s reform efforts.

Mr. George Pessima, Sierra Leone Chief of Staff at the Office of the President, chairing the project’s Steering Committee, 2013

Viet Nam

This project establishing a Rice Seed Production Hub in Danang is an important initiative for agriculture and rural development of our city. The project will create positive changes in farmers’ perceptions, make the plant varieties of Danang city integrated with the country’s general system and establish a seed brand for efficiency of production.

Mr. Phung Tan Viet, Vice president of the People’s Committee of Danang province, 2012


Piloting this cooperation project with IBSA and UNDP is a very important developmental landmark for Sudan. The project addresses the core of the country’s strategic priorities for poverty reduction which is employment. Most essentially, it focuses on capacitating 2000 youth with vocational skills and creating rapid employment opportunities through labour-based work

Ms. Hanim Borhan Eldeen Mohamed, Undersecretary, Sudan Ministry of Labour and Administrative Reform, 2015




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