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Sharing Innovative Experiences

The GSSD Academy Solution Centre supports both:

  • Solutions providers wishing to share their ideas, technologies and techniques, and
  • Solution seeks eager to find experiences that are applicable to their context and that have been effective in helping others to overcome development challenges.

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The GSSD Academy and its partners have documented more than 300 Southern development solutions through the series, Sharing Innovative Experiences. You can search documented solutions in the solution bank. Find a solution

The Solution Centre:

Provides an array of tools, networks and documentation that can guide you through the various processes of identifying, peer-reviewing, improving, documenting and disseminating your solution based on two main strategies:

  • The publication of the series, Sharing Innovative Experiences, in which an extensive collection of related experiences is broadly sourced, competitively selected, peer-reviewed, published and disseminated; and
  • The e-publication of solution briefs, which provide an overview of a development solution experience, highlighting lessons learned as well as potential scalability and replication.

To date 20 volumes of the series Sharing Innovative Experiences have been published. The series is one of the tools to support quality documentation of Southern development experiences. Each volume of the series focuses on quality solutions provided by developing countries for a specific area of development challenges. The production of the series engages institutional partners specialized in the thematic area to source, select, peer-review and publish the case studies from practitioners, usually from government agencies that actually carried out the work. The collection of case studies is available on line. Access the series

In all cases, the publication of development solutions undergoes several layers of peer-review and quality-assurance proccesses. Peer learning is emphasized in all steps in such a way that the process itself becomes as important as the final result.

The more than 300 Southern development solutions documented include important contributions from a diverse group of developing countries, as indicated in the graph:

Solutions by Country
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