Examples of Successful Experiences in Coastal Community Development

VOLUME 16 of series Sharing Innovative Experiences

By 2025, about 75 per cent of the world population could be living within 100 kilometres of the coast, and the economic and social welfare of humankind would depend to a large extent on the ocean¡¯s productive sectors and services. This volume brings to the fore and documents how coastal communities in developing countries have coped with enormous challenges that stem from living with and from the ocean in a sustainable relationship.

The 19 case studies presented in this publication document the broad ingenuity and creativity of these coastal communities in seeking solutions to mitigate these impacts ¡¡¡¡¨¬¬C which are not of their making ¡¡¡¡¨¬¬C by developing tools and measures locally to improve their prospects for survival and prosperity. These innovative projects were selected because of their success and replicability from among several projects supported and promoted by the 25 IOI Operational Centres around the world. The selection of these cases was further confirmed after a knowledge-sharing workshop organized in Malta in November 2007 at which international experts interacted with representatives of the local communities involved in the implementation of these projects on the ground.

Volume 16 was produced by
the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation in the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and The International Ocean Institute.

The 19 case studies can be organized into three broad categories:

  • empowering women and supporting children and youth;
  • conserving the coast and developing the community; and
  • creating awareness and promoting resilience in the community.
  • These are projects that in a modest way indicate how all communities, no matter how poor or disadvantaged, can contribute to achieving the Millennium Development Goals. These innovative solutions come from varied regions of the South, including in Africa, Asia and the Pacific, and Latin America, as well as from the Commonwealth of Independent States. Locally developed and locally implemented by the coastal communities themselves, the projects are capable of effecting a direct, positive change in people¡¯s lives.

The projects selected represent many regions: Africa, Asia, Central and South America, Eastern Europe and the Pacific. All of them are concerned with the livelihoods of the coastal communities; at least seven of them focus on women while others target children and youth. Some of these projects have been completed while others are ongoing.

ChapterChapter TitleCountryThematicAreaMDG
1 Linking the Development of Children with Microcredit for Women in Disadvantaged Coastal Communities IndiaCoastal Community DevelopmentEnd Poverty and Hunger
2 West Coast Cookbook Project South AfricaCoastal Community DevelopmentEnd Poverty and Hunger
3 Enhancement of Women’s Role in Artisanal Fishing Communities EgyptCoastal Community DevelopmentGender Equality
4 Empowering Women and Youth in the Sustainable Development of a Coastal Community UkraineCoastal Community DevelopmentGender Equality
5 Promotion of Women’s Role in Economic Development through Marine Handicrafts Islamic Republic of IranCoastal Community DevelopmentGender Equality
6 Improved Fish Processing and Loss Reduction among Coastal Fishing Communities in Lagos State NigeriaCoastal Community DevelopmentEnd Poverty and Hunger
7 Supporting the Organization and Mobilization of Fisherwomen BrazilCoastal Community DevelopmentGender Equality
8 Venado Island Integrated Development Project Costa RicaCoastal Community DevelopmentEnd Poverty and Hunger
9 Pursuing Sustainable Development on Gau Island FijiCoastal Community DevelopmentEnvironmental Sustainability
10 Sustainable Management of Mangrove Resources through a Participatory Approach KenyaCoastal Community DevelopmentEnvironmental Sustainability
11 Engaging Local Villagers in Monitoring Marine Resources SamoaCoastal Community DevelopmentEnd Poverty and Hunger
12 Revitalization and Conservation of Cultural and Environmental Values in Jibacoa Beach CubaCoastal Community DevelopmentEnvironmental Sustainability
13 Promoting Sustainable Sanitation Solutions in a Fishing Community in Paraná BrazilCoastal Community DevelopmentEnvironmental Sustainability
14 Saint Helena Bay Seaweed Mariculture Initiative South AfricaCoastal Community DevelopmentEnvironmental Sustainability
15 Promoting Community Fishpond Development ThailandCoastal Community DevelopmentEnvironmental Sustainability
16 Promoting Community Awareness and Resilience in Disaster Management ThailandCoastal Community DevelopmentEnd Poverty and Hunger
17 Marine Environmental Education for Children IndonesiaCoastal Community DevelopmentUniversal Education
18 Transfer of Sustainable Set-net Fishing Technology from Japan to Costa Rica and Thailand Costa Rica, ThailandCoastal Community DevelopmentGlobal Partnership
19 IOI-KIDS: An Online Learning Experience on the Sea for Children and Youth MaltaCoastal Community DevelopmentUniversal Education
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